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Balance Wellness & Massage in Georgetown Texas

With so many choices in Georgetown TX, how do you decide where to get a massage? At Balance Wellness & Massage in Georgetown TX, we combined the best aspects of pampering, spa treatments, massage and structural body work. We created an environment for your massage we call intelligent indulgence. Voted Best massage in Georgetown Texas

The name "Balance Wellness & Massage" describes us perfectly. We bring the balance between massage, holistic skin care, and advanced body work. This brings you wellness. Enjoy a spa massage in Georgetown TX from Balance Wellness.

Massage and Body Work:

Our therapists have over 3,000 hours of training in advanced massage modalities. They trained at nationally-accredited massage institutions locally and abroad. They have worked in world-class spas and outpatient rehab facilities.

Balance Wellness & Massage and Massage:

  • 1 hr $69 Best Value in Georgetown details
  • Bridging the gap between giving your body the relief it needs from stress and chronic aches and pains with a therapeutic massage.
  • Combine massage with recommendations for exercises, stretches, and other activities that will help prevent the body from hurting in the first place.
  • We space our client appointments 30 minutes apart.
  • A 60 minute massage appointment is 60+ minutes of hands-on massage.
  • Skin treatment and care add to our wellness center
  • The benefits of massage and skincare are endless.

We space our client appointments 30 minutes apart; you never feel rushed.

We are committed to making sure you always receive your full time on the table.

Georgetown Interview with Ben Parker

Ben Parker smiles and speaks in a soothing tone as I lie face down on his massage table. He senses the over- whelming anxiety in my body as my first-ever massage is about to begin. The former teacher turned massage therapist has a teddy bear-like quality about him that instantly helps me relax.

Like a pianist stretching hands toward keys to begin playing a masterpiece, Ben places his hands on my back to take me to a world of relaxation and pampering. For sixty- four minutes, I can almost hear the ocean waves and feel the warmth of the sun’s rays. Balance Wellness & Massage’s mission is to make every client feel as I do at this moment.

“That is why we schedule thirty minutes between every client. We want people to feel like they are not here just for the best service in town, but also for the overall pampering experience and personal attention they might not get anywhere else,” Ben explains.
“The time it takes them to decompress from their day, and get on and off the table, as well as check in and out for their service doesn’t affect the time spent on the table. If they book a 60, 90, or 120 minute massage, they get all of that time they paid for on the table, hands on, the whole time.”

Customers also seek relief from sore and tight muscles. “They choose us because they know we give them a cross be- tween the relaxation and stress relief they are after and also the sophisticated body work, physical rehabilitation, and customized stretching and workout routines that will help bring their bodies back into proper functioning,” Ben says.

Ben’s signature massage techniques include Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, and myofascial release.

The Swedish massage is what Ben describes as the “feel good pampering stuff.”

The deep tissue massage works the deep structures of the body, supporting the bones and spine.

The neuromuscular massage, which is sometimes called the trigger point, reeducates the muscle to release and add new length to chronically tight and short muscles. Ben did wonders for my arms and hands, which rarely get a break from constant typing, by using the myofascial release technique, which stretches and adds length to muscles, and frees them from scar tissues and fascial adhesions. My arms have never felt better!

“The body is like a radio tower; the spine is the tower, and the muscles are the guide wires,” Ben explains, adding that healthy motion in the spine and joints increases functionality throughout the body. Ben, who has more than 2,500 hours of training in advanced bodywork, massage, and rehab technique, and is a personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise, ends the session by suggesting exercises that can improve my posture and structure.

“Here at Balance Wellness, we are bridging the gap between sophisticated massage and physical rehabilitation. We want people to know that no matter what service you want—waxing, massage, structural and postural bodywork, or sports massage—we are by far the best value in town,” Ben says.

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We use 100% organic massage lotion!

Meet the Owner

Owner, Ben Parker, can give you a wonderful massage. He has a background in physical rehabilitation as well as his personal trainer's license, and every client gets the benefit of that knowledge.

Ben's expertise is bridging the gap between giving your body the relief it needs from stress and chronic aches and pains in an awesome massage session, combined with recommendations for exercises, stretches, and other activities that will help prevent the body from hurting in the first place.

We want our clients living or visiting Georgetown TX to see we are so much more than just a place to get a great massage.