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How to book appointments online

After clicking the Book Appointment Now button to the left, you will go to our booking page. Once there, you will complete the following steps.

1 Fill in personal info, Name, phone number and Email.
Then hit the button, "Select Day & Time"

2 select a single date or change the search criteria to a range of dates. (searches in 3 day ranges)

Then hit the button "Choose service". Easiest to search single dates.

3 Narrow type to "Massage" Then select Service, 60, 90, or whatever is the best option based on the list in the menu

Then select First available or choose the massage therapist you would like to book with.

Then hit the button "Find an appointment"

4 Select the time slot that best suits your schedule and hit the "Book" button.

5 confirm that the info on the screen is correct and hit the button "Book Now" to confirm your appointment.

6 You should get a confirmation email in the account you used to set up the appointment with.

This system will also send you a reminder email 48 hours and 24 hours in advance to remind you of the appointment.